GNM School of Nursing could not start due to unavailability of teachers: Health Minister

Shillong, July 16: Health Minister, A.L. Hek said that the delay in starting the GNM School of Nursing was due to unavailability of teachers while assuring that the government would soon sanction various posts for improving the functioning of Nongstoiñ Civil Hospital.

This was informed to a delegation of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) Nongstoiñ Circle who met him on Tuesday seeking the minister’s intervention into various issues related to the health sector in the district.

Talking to reporters after the meeting, president of the circle, Franklin Syiemïong said that the Union in its memorandum to the minister has urged the state government to speed up the inauguration of the GNM School of Nursing for interest of aspiring students and the hospital.

“The minister told us that the delay was because of the difficulty faced by the government in getting teachers for the nursing school. However he has assured to look into matter,” Syiemïong said.

On the problem of manpower shortage faced by the Nongstoiñ civil hospital, the president said that the minister has assured the delegation that the government would soon sanction posts besides opening of the blood bank and installation of a new X-ray machine at the hospital.

When asked, Syiemïong informed that the civil hospital did not have a general medicine doctor, ophthalmologist, orthopedic surgeon, psychiatrist, dermatologist, radiologist, biochemist and the hospital is facing a shortage of 20 nurses.

He further informed that the Union has urged the government to speed up the inauguration of the Maternity and Child Hospital and expand the same from 50 to 100 beds. According to him, the number of estimated beds is not sufficient in view of the growing number of pregnant mothers.

Meanwhile, the KSU ïooksi Unit has requested the state government to immediately appoint two doctors at Iooksi PHC in West Jaiñtia Hills District. Member of the Union Kitlang Micky Syngkon said that the PHC has been functioning without doctors for the past three months after one doctor has gone for training.

“This has affected the village and adjoining areas. The minister has assured us that the government would appoint one doctor,” he said.

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