Them ïew Mawlong issue: Centre asks Meghalaya Govt to discuss with MHA on relocation of settlers

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Shillong, June 12: The Centre has summoned the Meghalaya government to Delhi on the issue of shifting settlers from Them ïew Mawlong to another location, and directed officials of the state to discuss the matter with officials of the .Ministry of Home Affairs.

The meeting will be held in New Delhi on Thursday, Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong told reporters on Wednesday.

“It is good to have a meeting between the state and the Central government to know the real picture because listening to one side is not good, but listening to both sides and by looking at documents, you will understand the situation,” he said.

The Meghalaya government will be represented by the Chief Secretary, and Principal Secretary (Urban Affairs).

“Relocating the settlers, does not mean throwing them out. They are our brothers and sisters and we want to take proper care of them and we will not allow this threat to happen,” he said, while stating that he has nothing comment on the HNLC statement that asked the state not to soften its stance on the issue of shifting the settlers from Them ïew Mawlong.

“The state government does not want any group from outside to interfere into the affairs of the state. The government is there to provide security to all citizens and we have been providing security in the area, since last year till date,” he said.

He also said that the government is determined to solve the problem at Them ïew Mawlong once and for all and relocation of genuine settlers has to take place, since the area is not in good condition, and very unhygienic.