Topcem along with MCL Thangskai celebrate Mines Environment Week to preserve Nature

Khliehriat 14:The Mehalaya Cement Ltd Thangskai togather with the Topcem Cement on Wednesday while  joining hand with the Nation as a whole to celebrate ‘Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Week 2018-2019 concluded its week long function .

Shri K.G.Singh.Convenor Inspection Team Umrangso, speaking to the occasion said that “It’s a fact to preserve trees,plants and to control pollution for healthy life.He highly praise the Topcem cement and Meghalaya Cement Ltd for maintaining things related to nature where many plantations were made for a clean air to breath in and said that “This company has really taken a good concerned towards nature to maintain a Green Nature by plantation and preserving nature and pollution control.

Shri Umesh Kumar,General Manager of Mehalaya Cement Ltd Thangskai said that more than 50000 trees were planted in many places around the area within a year 2018-2019 where the aim is to control pollution to preserve nature as well to maintain a gre “We are very happy to celebrate this function togather with the nation as a whole which is meant for preserving nature,he urged to take good care of plants like trees after planted so that the trees will beautifull grow and giving fresh air to breath in “As nature has given us life so also we have to give life and hope to nature”

The speakers today include Shri Sudip Bhattacharya,from CCI,Shri Chadrachekar Sarma,from ACL Dalmia,Shri Pranab Sarkar,Senior Foremen Geology Planning,Shri Pankaj Prasad,Engineer HEMM,Shri N.Narayan Reddy,mines manager and others.

Further,trees plantation is done which were taken part by all the staff of Topcem Cement and Meghalaya Cement Ltd.

prizes were given to the winners of different competitions like Slogan ,drawing,poetry writing and so on.

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