Two arrested over arson incidents, HYC refuses to accept involvement of members

Shillong, Feb 17: The Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC) and the Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organization (CoMSO) have denied their involvement in arson cases or any activities that will create unnecessary law and order problems in the state.

“The direct action agitations taken up by CoMSO so far have been peaceful,” CoMSO leader and HYC general secretary Roykupar Synrem said in a statement issued on Monday.

His statement came after two members of the HYC Nongthymmai Circle were arrested by police for their alleged involvement in torching two vehicles in the city on February 12.

“The HYC cannot accept that its members are involved in such acts as the Council has not at any point of time given any direction to anybody to indulge in such activities,” Synrem said.

The HYC leader also slammed the police for allegedly attempting to mix the case with family matters.

“What does the case has to do with the relationship of HYC president and chairman of CoMSO with one of the arrested persons? For instance, if the family members of police or ministers are involved, does this mean that they are also involved in such case?” he asked.

He urged the police to refrain from making such statement as the case has no connection at all with any personal relationship.