UDP’s general council in September to elect new office bearers

Shillong June 14: The United Democratic Party will elect its new office bearers of the Central Executive Committee in September this year.

This was decided during a meeting of the CEC on Friday which also reviewed the performance of the party in the Lok Sabha elections to the Shillong Parliamentary constituency.

UDP senior leader, Bindo M. Lanong said that the party would be strengthened in the state and the CEC decided to also hold the general council to elect new office bearers of the CEC in Shillong on September 11.

The UDP will also hold a meeting in Garo Hills next month to discuss issues related to strengthening the party and the upcoming elections to the Garo Hill Autonomous District Council (GHADC).

Lanong informed that the UDP also reviewed the performance of the party in the last Lok Sabha elections from Shillong constituency where its candidate, Jemino Mawthoh who was supported by partners of the MDA government, lost to sitting Congress MP, Vincent H. Pala by more than 1.52 lakh votes.

Lanong however said that the party has nothing to blame the coalition partners and accepted the defeat.

“We have not been betrayed and nobody has betrayed us,” he said, while stating that there were many factors that led to the defeat of the candidate.

On the allegations of the Congress that the UDP is the same as the BJP, Lanong said that parties that formed the government in state have to work together with the BJP that formed the NDA government at the Centre.

“Even those states ruled by the Congress, have work together with the Centre. Do you think they will not work/” he asked.

He UDP leader also said that the UDP has not changed its stand on issues that are anti-state and anti-people including the CAB.