Farmers body meets Governor over Meghalaya Govt’s neglect

Shillong May 09: Farmers under the umbrella of Khasi Jaintia farmers’ Association yesterday met Governor Banwarilal Purohit at Raj Bhavan and highlighted difficulties faced by farmers in the state.

The 13-delegation of Khasi Jaintia farmers’ Association (KJFA) requested that the Governor to take steps to mitigate the problems of farmers and frame a sound and holistic policy for the interest of farmers because at present, there is no policy of the government even after 45 years statehood.

President of KJFA, Tring Mawlong said that the Government has neglected though farmers are the backbone of the state’s economy and the elected representatives be it MPs, MLAs, MDCs did not raise the issue of farmers.

In the memorandum submitted to the Governor, the KJFA mentioned that the farmers have not been officially recognized and the government had not supported for pricing and marketing of agricultural produces.

The KJFA urged upon the government not to tax from their products, enhance the relief amount during failure of crops due to natural calamities, waive loans taken from banks during 2012-2013, 2013-2014 till2015 on the account of crash in the market prices of agricultural and horticultural produces.

The KJFA urged through the Governor to ensure that the Meghalaya government through the Water Resources Department construct Village Community Multipurpose, and huge R.C.C Water reservoirs to conserve rain water.

The Association also urge the government to see that norms are followed for schemes under Aquaculture Mission, Housing Scheme for BPL in villages like PMAY through blocks.

The Governor assured the farmers that he would write to the Chief minister, Chief Secretary, and all heads of the line departments to adopt action plans for benefits of farmers in the state.

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