Khliehtyrshi residents oppose move to elect new Waheh Shnong

Shillong Oct 8: Residents of Khliehtyrshi village under Jowai Elaka in West Jaiñtia Hills district have strongly opposed the upcoming election of Waheh Shnong (headman) slated for October 21.

Addressing media persons at Shillong Press Club on Tuesday, residents of the village said that the residents wanted that audit report should be first presented before having an election.

The term of the Executive Committee has expired on August 15 this year.

Wanbun Dkhar, Dita Phawa, Arlin Dkhar and other residents of Khliehtyrshi said that while residents are demanding from the JHADC to institute an independent inquiry into the functioning of the Dorbar Shnong and utilization of funds, the Doloi of Elaka Jowai, Puramon Kynjing recently announced that election of new Waheh Shnong will be held on October 21.

Wanbun Dkhar said that according to the Establishment of Elaka, Village and Election Appointment Power function and jurisdiction of Doloi Sardar and Waheh Shnong Act, 2015 of the JHADC, an Executive Committee of the Dorbar Shnong should present audit report, and the activities of the Dorbar Shnong should be properly audited.

The residents wanted that the present Waheh Shnong (headman), Kitbok Rymbai should be removed, and acting Waheh Shnong should be appointed while the inquiry is on.

“After the residents are satisfied, especially after placing an audit report, the election of new Wahheh Shnong should be conducted,” Dita Phawa said.

Arlin Dkhar said that around 600 residents of Khliehtyrshi had submitted a complaint to the JHADC on August 22 on the failure of the Executive Committee to present an audit report.