Minister assures to reduce stench from dumping ground

Shillong, Aug 22: Urban Affairs Minister, Hamletson Dohling assured that measures would be taken to ensure that stench emanating from the dumping ground at Mawlai Mawïong is reduced by 80 percent.

“We have set a target that by the end of this year, we should be able to reduce the smell by 80 percent,” Dohling told reporters after inspecting the dumping ground.

The minister also held a review meeting with senior officials of the department on the issue after the inspection. The issue has been a big concern for stakeholders including residents of areas near the dumping ground.

Dohling said that the government did not want to keep mum but try to address the problem aired by the Mawlai Town Dorbar.

Dohling said that the reason for the unpleasant smell was because the fencing wall there had collapsed due to heavy rain last month, and wastes collected from various part of Shillong could not be dumped at the landfill site.

“During the inspection, we have instructed our engineers to immediately start the reconstruction of fencing wall and we hope within the next few days, we can shift the wastes to the landfill site,” he said.

Asserting the need to improve the allocation of fund to the department, the minister said the matter will be discussed with the finance and planning departments in a meeting to be held on Friday.

“We will chalk out and see how we can improve the allocation of fund to the department so that we can address all issues related to waste management,” he said.

Stating that treatment of waste by spraying of chemicals is just like a pain killer which is only for a time being, Dohling however said, “We want to heal the problem and that is why we have decided to share our problems with the finance and planning departments.”

The minister further informed that the composed plant is likely to be made operational within this year. According to him, 90 per cent of the civil works have been completed but only two out of three machines are left to be installed at the composed plant.

“Once the composed plant is completed, we hope that the major problem there will be solved,” he added.

The minister said at present, the dumping ground at Mawlai Mawïong can treat only 130 metric tons of waste per day, and with the upgradation of the plant there, 170 metric tons of waste can be treated per day.

On the effectiveness of the segregation of waste, Dohling said that this has to a great extent helped the department in management of waste at Marten. “I should thank the people for their cooperation as it saves a lot of time when segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes was done at source,” he added.