Minister likens barbers, cobblers, tea-sellers, mechanics of Mairang to U Tirot Sing

Mairang July 17: Meghalaya Minister for PHE, Samlin Malngiang said that barbers, cobblers, tea-sellers, mechanics and teachers of schools and colleges of Mairang are modern day heroes who can be likened to U Tirot Sing Syiem.

Addressing a programme commemorating the 184th death anniversary of U Tirot Sing at Madan Tirot, Mairang in West Khasi Hills on Wednesday, Malngiang said, “by not shying away from taking up jobs such as cobblers, barbers and mechanics, the indigenous people of Mairang are an example to be emulated by educated unemployed youths of the state, since they have taken it upon themselves to fight against the challenges of unemployment and economic disparity.”

Malngiang called upon the gathering to restore the former status of the Khasi tribe as a tribe acknowledged even by the British as an “advanced tribe.”

“In the war fought between the East India Company and U Tirot Sing Syiem in the Nongkhlaw area, the Khasi tribe was acknowledged even by their enemy for their true form of democracy and their skills and prowess in warfare,” the Minister said.

Lauding the organisers for organising the programme to commemorate the death anniversary of U Tirot Sing Syiem on a regular basis, Malngiang said that this has helped to remind the people especially younger generations about the life and contribution of U Tirot Sing and thus instil in them the spirit of patriotism.

Malngiang laid a wreath at the memorial monument of U Tirot Sing at Mairang to commemorate the death anniversary along with Mairang MDC, Batskhem Ryntathiang, Chief of Hima Nongkhlaw, PM Syiemlieh, Rambrai MDC, Bajop Pyngrope, SDO Mairang Civil Subdivision, A. Nongbri among others.

The minister also attended a similar function organised at Madan Nongkhlaw to commemorate in the presence of North Shillong MLA, Adelbert Nongrum and other dignitaries.