New Nagaland to be built on a foundation of rule of law : Ravi

Kohima, Dec 1: On the eve of Nagaland’s 57th Statehood Day, Nagaland Governor R.N.Ravi on Saturday said “Nagaland is at the cusp of history today” and the “new Nagaland has to be built on a foundation of rule of law”

“A new dawn of a new Nagaland is beckoning us,” Ravi who is the government’s interlocutor for the Naga peace talks, said in an apparent reference to the impending solution to the decades-old solution to the Naga issue.

“.. we have the sacred responsibility to build a New Nagaland. A Nagaland where every citizen is free from fear, fear of gun, fear of deprivation, fear of ignorance, fear of disease, fear of lack of opportunities and above all fear of unable to dream big,” he noted in his message.

The Governor expressed his sincere thanks and gratitude to the people of the state, the tribal bodies, grassroots organisations, civil societies and the church leaders for this.

Noting that Nagaland has to be built by all the 2 million people of Nagaland, Ravi said, “It cannot be built by government alone. It is possible only through a mass movement in which every citizen is an active partner in this holy enterprise.”

He said the new Nagaland has to be built on a foundation of rule of law, transparency and accountability; where the majesty of law does not discriminate the rich and poor, strong or weak, majority or minority; where governance, be it at the village or state level is transparent and accountable.

“We need to build a culture of Transparency, Accountability and respect for law. A Nagaland where those in the authority discharge their duty in spirit of service. Such a Nagaland will be free from corruption, where citizens will feel empowered and those in authority will be humble, steeped in the spirit of service,” Ravi noted.

Ravi said Nagaland is blessed with unparallel promising potential, both human and natural.

He said the precious human resource, which is like an uncut diamond, has to be cut, built and polished with care. They have to be physically healthy and intellectually at par with the best in the world, he added.

The governor urged the health workers, including doctors and paramedics, and the teachers, especially those serving in the far-flung rural areas, to render their service with the utmost sense of responsibility.

He also appealed to the youths to take care of their health and be aspirational even if the present prevailing situation around them is not adequately conducive.

Ravi assured that the situation will change soon for the better.