Nongshken MDC to spend Rs 10 lakh to provide rice to families in constituency

Shillong Apr 3: Nongskhen MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri along with headmen from various villages in the Constituency decided to utilise Rs 10 lakh to purchase rice and distribute to poor families including households that did not get rice under the National Food Security Act (NFSA).

In a short meeting with the headmen at Pynursla, Kharpuri informed the headmen about the amount of Rs 10 allocated to each MDC to help the people during this crisis and sought their opinion on how to utilise the money.

Later after the discussion, it was unanimously decided that the amount should be used for purchasing rice.

The meeting ended within 20 minutes and the MDC has arranged the seats by maintaining social distancing.

Kharpuri assured that she would find out ways and means to get the rice and asked all the headmen to identify the families in their respective villages that should get the rice and distribute the same to such families.

“From my side, I will try my best to get rice and distribute the same to various villages with the help of headmen,” she said.

Kharpuri also urged the headmen to work together during this difficult time and set aside all differences in politics, but work towards helping each other.

Stating that people would face problem during this crisis, Kharpuri also urged the headmen and the people to bear with situation and fight against the spread of Coronavirus.

“We thanked the Almighty as there is no outbreak of COVID-19 in the state, but we cannot be complacent. We have to co-operate with government and village authorities during this lockdown and stop the transmission chain,” Kharpuri said.

Kharpuri also thanked the government and deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong for taking the initiatives to ease the problems being faced by the people, and assured of working together as public representatives to help the people in whatever possible way.

Various headmen also asked the government to bring the essential commodities close to their area so as to stop people from rural areas from going to Shillong looking for foodgrains and other essential items.

On many families not included as beneficiaries under the NFSA, the headmen suggested the government that this is the time to revise the ration cards for the interests of all yet to be included families.

The Nongshken MDC also stressed that all deserving families should not be deprived of rice under NFSA and the government should look into matter seriously so that the people will get food.