SSC reviews security situation, Mukul asks KSU to stop criminal activities

Shillong, June 14: The State Security Commission (SSC)today reviewed the security situation in the state and asked the state police to take all measures to strengthen the security apparatus to deal with various challenges.

The SSC meeting was chaired by Chief Minister, Mukul Sangma in the presence of Home Minister, H.D.R. Lyngdoh, additional chief secretary, Yeshi Tsering, Director-General of Police, S.B. Singh, and other officials.

The SSC was briefed on the need to strengthen the police organization to ensure that internal security apparatus is capable of meeting various challenges, strengthen the training to ensure efficient management of the organization while dealing with various crimes.

Focusing on crimes against women and children, the meeting also stressed the need to strengthen the investigation, expedite charge sheets to ensure no delay of pending cases pertaining to crimes against women and children.
The Chief Minister told reporters that law and order situation including activities of terrorist organizations, and banned outfits were also discussed in the meeting.
Asked if the meeting discussed about the statement of the banned Hynńiewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) that it would help and support to the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) which is protesting against railway line, the Chief Minister said that the issue was discussed that
the state police would go deep into the outfit’s statement.

A statement issued on June 12 by HNLC publicity secretary, Saińkupar Nongtraw said, “We cannot burn our state just for the sake of railways. The government should take up the matters seriously and invite the pressure group (KSU) for talks. Hunting them would again create an opportunity for the youths to come to us for help. We do not want to invite the youths to join the HNLC but we can provide them with help and support to intensify their struggle. It is not too hard to supply them with 35 to 40 kgs IEDs.”
“The matter was briefed before the commission and the whole internal security apparatus was being sensitized in this regard especially in view of the claim of the banned outfit that some people have approached them (HNLC). Police are going deep into this whole thing, and they will find out what is actually happening,” Mukul said.
To a question that the government is suspecting nexus between the KSU and HNLC, the Chief Minister said, “police are ceased with this challenge and will further go deeper to find out if there is anything.”
Asked if the government would invite the KSU for discussion on railway issue, Mukul said, “We will discuss as and when required. But instances of arsons and criminal activities by KSU are a matter of concern. We did not expect the KSU to behave like rogue organization, because we anticipated that they will always engage in dialogue and expressed their concern in the right platform and not to indulge in arsons. I have always maintained that if somebody is indulging in criminal activities, how will you sit and talk with criminals?”
The Chief MInister added, “Let them (KSU) stop all criminal and unlawful activities, and demonstrate maturity and responsibility.”

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