They criticize us, but all are Bhai Bhai with BJP: Sanbor Shullai

Shillong, Mar 25: BJP candidate from Shillong Lok Sabha constituency, Sanbor Shullai hit out at parties that criticized the party on the day he filed his nomination papers from Shillong Lok Sabha constituency for the Lok Sabha elections slated for April 11.

After filing his nominations, Shullai told reporters that other parties criticized the BJP during elections, after the election results, they are bhai bhai with the BJP.

Shullai who is the BJP MLA from South Shillong Assembly constituency, filed his nominations on Monday and was accompanied by  BJP leaders including state party president, Shibun Lyngdoh, Health Minister, A.L. Hek and other leaders.

Referring to the last Assembly elections in 2018, Shullai said, “all parties criticized the BJP during the election campaign, but after the election results, at 5pm all parties are bhai bhai (friends) with the BJP (to form the government) because without the BJP they will not get money. Therefore people should understand and they should not be fooled again. The people should instead come and support the BJP because not only speedy development, but various issues be it farmers, boundary dispute, and others  would be resolved.”

He also said that all commitments given by other parties and candidates on various issues would reach nowhere, because only the BJP can solve problems of the people, and the government in Delhi would be formed by the BJP.

“The People of India have already reposed faith and confidence on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So here in Meghalaya also we feel the same, and we are so confident. Let us carry this message to the people across Khasi and Jaiñtia of Shillong Lok Sabha seat that it is useless to waste  their votes by voting for other parties, but they should vote for a party that will form the government in Delhi so that all issues concerning the people of the state, we will take up in Delhi directly with the Prime Minister,” Shullai told reporters.

Shullai said that it is the characteristic in election that other parties used to criticize the BJP, “but finally, they are bhai bhai (friends) with the BJP. They are still working with us and they know they cannot divorce with the BJP because without the BJP, there will be lots of  financial problems.”

On the claim of the United Democratic Party that it has pulled out of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA), Shullai said, “that is not our concern, but we are talking about Meghalaya, and we are still working together in the state.”

The BJP is part of the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government along with the NPP, UDP, PDF, HSPDP, NCP and Independents.

On the delay to solve the problem related to coal mining in the state,  Shullai admitted that coal mining issue in the last Assembly election was in the BJP’s manifesto.

“We have said that if the BJP comes to power we will solve the problem in six months. So we have put an appeal to the people of Meghalaya to vote for the BJP in order to form the government, but unfortunately people of the state have given us only two seats, so we could do it as we could not form the government. But now we are working with the MDA government as a coalition partner of the NPP and other parties. Here again we appeal if the people are wise enough, because for the last many years since inception of Meghalaya, there are lots of issues where other parties have given commitment during election. The issues are getting stagnant for many years,” Shullai said.

Stating that the BJP has never won from Shillong seat, the BJP candidate said that the BJP is existing here and whatever issues which are pending since 1972.

“We appeal to the people to vote for the party that will form the government in Delhi. Vote for us here also, then only your issues that are pending for many years will be taken up and solve them at the right time. What have the Congress and other parties done?” Shullai asked.

He also hoped that minorities will vote for him and the BJP

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