Water level in Umïam Lake rises to 3206.90 feet

Shillong, July 11: The water level at Umïam Reservoir rose to 3206.90 feet till 8 am on Thursday following incessant rain during the last few days.

Light rain was received on Thursday evening but heavy downpour has stopped during the day.

The government has issued a statement on Thursday saying that if heavy rain continues in the catchment area of the Umïam dam, the reservoir may become full, which will necessitate the opening of gates of the Umïam Concrete Dam to allow the flood to pass through.

All persons residing or working in the downstream of the Umiam Concrete Dam are cautioned against engaging in any activity near the banks of the Umïam river as the level of water in the river may suddenly rise due to opening of gates of the Umïam Concrete Dam. However, all efforts will be made to regulate the discharge of water through the gates to the minimum,” the statement said while quoting the information provided by the Chief Engineer (C), Maintenance & Small Hydro of the Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited (MePFCL).

Landslides and flash floods occurred in many places across the state due to heavy rain since July 6.