Shillong, April 12: BJP leader and cabinet minister AL Hek today said committing suicide is a cowardly act. He was reacting to a statement made by his party colleague and candidate for the Shillong parliamentary seat Sanbor Shullai.

After casting his vote, Shullai when responding to a query related to his party’s commitment to implement the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) if voted back to power had stated, “I will kill myself and suicide before Narendra Modi (if it is implemented) but I will not let the CAB to be implemented, I will fight.”

Defending the South Shillong legislator, Hek however said that Shullai was too emotional towards the people. “But committing suicide is a cowardly act, I don’t appreciate because in life there is test and trial and we have to fight,” he said.

Asked, the cabinet minister said the BJP state party will have to fight with the central leadership if the CAB is implemented.

“We will fight tooth and nail to protect our own people if the Centre is implementing something which is against the state,” Hek said.