Mawlai MDC leads delegation to demand for police outpost, proper dumping ground

Shillong July 15: A delegation of headmen from Mawlai led by MDC, Teiborlang Pathaw on Monday urged the Meghalaya government to immediately address the problems faced by the dumping ground at Mawlai Mawïong by looking for more dumping grounds to reduce the work load, and set up a police outpost at Mawlai Mawkynroh to curb anti-social activities.

The dumping ground at Mawlai Mawïong on the Shillong-Guwahati highway is taking waste from all over Shillong city.

The delegation first met Urban Affairs Minister, Hamletson Dohling and pointed out various shortcomings including haphazard disposal of waste.

Pathaw said that the delegation urged the minister to take immediate steps to treat the waste at the dumping ground because the stench emanated from there greets visitors to Shillong city and affects people’s health especially residents staying nearby.

Pathaw said that the delegation suggested to the government to look for more dumping grounds to reduce the work load of the present dumping ground, and take steps to address problems related to disposal of carcass or corpses of animals and unclaimed human dead bodies as well as disposal of biomedical and chemical waste.

The other suggestions include, construction of proper approach road from the highway upto the dumping spot with pucca drainage system, availability of service centre for cleaning waste-laden vehicles before they exit from the dumping ground, installation of proper incinerators and effluent treatment plant.

Pathaw said that the minister has assured to take all possible measures to address the problems.

The Minister also said that government wanted to look for new landfill sites in order to reduce the work load of the 80 years old dumping ground at Mawlai Mawïong.

After meeting Dohling, the delegation from Mawlai also met Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong and urged the government through him to set up a police outpost at Mawlai Mawkynroh adjacent NEHU.

“The need to have the police outpost at Mawkynroh has been felt long time back to keep a vigil in the area since the jurisdiction of Mawlai police station is vast. We want the government to set up this police outpost before the newly constructed bypass road is inaugurated,” Pathaw said.

The stretch of the new bypass road starts from the Shillong-Guwahati highway at Mawlai Mawïong and connects Shillong city by passing via Mawlai Mawkynroh.

Pathaw said that the delegation also lauded the state government for taking the initiative to complete the bypass road to reduce traffic congestion along the national highway, and urged the Deputy Chief Minister to address congestion that may arise in Mawlai area after the opening of the bypass road.

Pathaw said that since many vehicles would take the bypass road to reach Shillong city, roads in Mawlai would also face the congestion problem if no steps are taken.

“We are thankful to the Deputy Chief Minister who assured us to look into our concerns especially the setting up of the police outpost at Mawlai Mawkynroh and the need to widen roads from Mawkynroh to Mawroh,” Pathaw said.