Tourism Minister attends 100 Drums Wangala Festival

Tura, Nov 9: Meghalaya Minister for Tourism, Metbah Lyngdoh attended the Rugala Ceremony of the Hundred Drums Wangala Festival held at Asanggre near Tura on Friday.

Ahead of the Wangala, a ritual called Rugala was performed by the Nokma (A Village Chief) and in this ritual, the offering of the first hand special rice-beer along with cooked rice and vegetables were given to Misi Saljong, the Great Giver.

Speaking on the occasion, Lyngdoh greeted the people in Garo language and expressed his happiness for having witnessed the Wangala festival which he said that he had missed many times due to various reasons.

Mentioning about the importance of preserving the culture and identity, he lauded the committee members for keeping the tradition alive and appreciated the decision of the Wangala committee for promoting the Clean and Green Wangala Festival.

The Chief Guest also handed over a Cheque of Rs 20 lakh from the Department of Tourism to the Chairman of the 100 Drums Wangala Committee.

Indigenous Games and Cultural competitions marked the second day of the Wangala festival.

Many participants took part in the Indigenous games which comprised of Wa.pong Sika, Jakpong Pe.a, An.ding Oka, Chilsusaa, Gosusaa while Cultural and recital competitions includes Dimchrang, Sarenda, Chigring, Adil Sika amongst others.

Advisor to the Chief Minister, Thomas A Sangma, Deputy Speaker, Sanbor Shullai, MLA Mawsynram Constituency, Himalaya Shangpliang, MLA Umroi Constituency, George B Lyngdoh, MLA Rambrai Jyrngam Constituency, Kimfa Marbaniang, MLA, West Shillong, Mohendro Rapsang, Director, Department of Tourism, C V D Diengdoh, Deputy Commissioner, West GAro Hills, Ram Singh, Superintendent of Police, Dr M G R Kumar, district officials were among others present on the occasion.

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