South Shillong MLA inaugurates road project

Shillong, Sept 20: South Shillong legislator, Sanbor Shullai on Friday inaugurated a 200-meter road from Laban Assamese Girls’ Secondary School to St John Higher Secondary School, Madan Laban.

The road was constructed at Rs 1.30 crore. The proposal was submitted to the state government in 2008.

Speaking on the occasion, Shullai, who is the BJP MLA from South Shillong Constiuency said, implementation of the road project would not have been successful without the support and cooperation of the residents especially those who are willing to give their land.

He also expressed his appreciation to the Dorbar Shnong of Laban and Dorbar Shnong of Madan Laban for their cooperation to ensure the aspiration of the people is fulfilled.

“The road will be a blessing for the residents,” Shullai said while recalling the problems faced by the people of the area due to absence of proper road connectivity.